Cheeky Clothing

is a small "gypsy" Boutique tantalizing you with fun, flirty & fabulous women's dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories & other little yummers!

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Clothing has included~but has SOOO not been limited to~unforgettable items like:

  • Way too flattering DRESSES of the Strapless & Long style, the Silky V-Neck Clingy style, as well the Uber Hip & Sexy Halter style (all of these dresses have been my BEST sellers cuz they look SOO gosh darn gooood!)
  • Unique & Linen Wide-Leg PANTS with Oh-So-Fine-Lookin' Embroidered Flower Elegance Floating at the bottom over your sweet, sweet toes.
  • Double Breasted, short Urban Myth JACKETS with Punch!
  • Sleek TOPS in Silver to leave YOU Unforgettable & everyone else Breathless!
  • Asymmetrical, WAY~Unique~one~of~a~kind Super-HOT-in-Japan SKIRTS (the Japanese sisters got style! Didn't you know???) * And More and More and More…!


Accessories have included~but also have SOOO not been limited to~pizzazzy items such as:

  • SCARVES made of Dreamy Silk, Buttery Softness, Glamorous Beads & Flowy Chiffon
  • 100% Eco Chic BAMBOO FINGERLESS GLOVES (100% pesticide-free, too!)
  • French Designed PURSES in an array of Shapes, Colors & Attitude
  • Hipster HATS overwhelming you (and everyone else!) with Style and Play
  • Dangly Sterling Silver EARRINGS & Wow Factor NECKLACES with major Sass Appeal
  • Luscious SHAWLS & Cheeky PONCHOS for the Gal Friday in all of us And More and More and More…!

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red dress

Here's what some gals are saying about Cheeky Clothing, Jewelry
& Accessories

"Wow! Your stuff is SOO unique! I love it! Do you have a store or a website???"

"I CANNOT wait for your next Boutique!"

"OMG! I Should've brought ALL of my friends!"


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