Cheeky Clothing

is a small "gypsy" Boutique tantalizing you with fun, flirty & fabulous women's dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories & other little yummers!

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How I Got So Cheeky

Hi, I'm Monica Wright. Around the end of 2006, I had hit a point in my life where things were all sorta falling apart. Things the way I had known them were shifting and changing. So, I quit doing what I had been doing (nutrition consulting), left my groovy home, put everything in storage and bought a one way ticket to Thailand. I didn’t know what was next for me, other than I needed to let go and be open to the unknown.

Monica in Thailand

I had a fabulous and healing time there. However, at some point I realized my money was slipping away and I needed to make a decision about what to do next in order to make a living-even if it was temporary. After spending some time researching various things to do, I decided I needed to be around color and creativity, as well as keep my options open regarding being able to continue traveling. Well, I started buying women’s adorable clothing and the rest is history.

Headshot 2This has been a very exciting as well as hard working experience! I’ve found that I have a good eye and love the travel, the creativity, and how engaging this business and industry is! “Cheeky” expresses the lightness, beauty and play I feel in life, as well as about life, despite those dark moments that wash over us all sometimes. I’ve gone all “Cheeky” to proudly celebrate the color of life and how we’re all really blank canvasses that we get to dress up anyway we want, whenever we want. And I ain’t just talking about clothing, folks!

Here’s to celebrating ourselves and our lives with play, color and a little bit o’ attitude! Wink Wink.